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Ohio Travel Bag Ohio to Erie Trail Map Northbound
Updates to the 2021 OTET Trail Guide: New and extended trails: • Addition of the Sandel Legacy Trail between Galena and Sunbury • Completion of the Camp Chase Trail through Battelle Darby Creek Park • Completion of the Towpath Trail along Harvard Avenue and Jennings Road in Cleveland • Completion of the Towpath Trail through the Tremont area of Cleveland • Connection to the Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway off W 25th Street in Cleveland • Elimination of 5.5 miles of street and road riding due to the new and extended trails • The percentage of the OTET on dedicated bike trails is now 85%. (277 of 326 miles) • Addition of the USBR50 where it follows the OTET from Xenia to Westerville • Addition of Points of Interest identified along the route • Additional trail services identified along the route.
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